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Musings of a redheaded Turk

Reno got turned into a girl

Reno Sinclair
13 May 1991
I am uncommonly fond of the color orange, the FFVII character Reno of the Turks, and the KHII character number VIII, Axel. I like to wander around in a tail and freak out the normal people.

I have blonde hair that is usually red, and brown eyes with glasses. My sister's fond pet-name for me is 'the freakishly tall Amazon thing.' I'm unfortunately super-pale, so I look slightly vampiric.

I have high ambitions of starting a cosplay club. I'm home-schooled, but am soon going to college. I don't watch much TV, if any. I'm an avid gamer. (I'm a girl.) I'm very fond of Japanese pop-culture in general. I love to write fanfiction. One of my favorites are crossovers. I'm a yaoi fangirl. (And proud of it.) I like to cosplay guys.

I'm ME.


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