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So today I dyed my hair with a chemical dye for the first time. Everything went really well until I went to go wash it out. Apparently the method I use to wash out my henna (which is all-natural dye, thanks) DOES NOT WORK WITH CHEMICAL DYES.

Everything - I mean EVERYTHING - turned LURIDLY PINK. I managed to scrub the worst of it off my skin, and I tried to clean up the shower a little bit, but we still had to take alcohol face wipes to my face and the back of my neck. As it is, I'll be wearing long sleeves and pants for a while. And it kinda looks like I got a light sunburn. FML. A little bit.


Upside, the dye job looks really nice! It's a lovely pinky plum color - looks absolutely lovely. (Conversely also looks like beets. Whatever.) It should fade out nicely, and go very well with my Mad Hatter cosplay.

BTW, my newest cosplay is indeed the Mad Hatter, with influences from the book, the movie and my own demented imagination. 'Tis awesome. This is only version 1.0 though, so it won't look as well as it will when I'm not rushed for time/have a sewing machine. version 2.0 will be fabulous and have an actual tailcoat. WIN.