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Girly shit I missed out on.

There was apparently a lot of random girly shit that I missed out on, having A) been homeschooled and B) had rather unique friends. One of them is apparently communal underwear shopping. I mean going as a group, not getting panties everyone wears... or something. Hopefully you get my meaning. If not, tough luck.

Back on track. Dani (my next-door neighbor) teamed up with Emily (my roommate) and they tag-teamed me, and took me to Victoria's Secret yesterday. I told them that I was flat broke and it still didn't deter them. They simply spent their money instead of mine. Yay? I dunno. Anyway.

I now own two thongs. They are surprisingly comfy.




Anyway, today I got to play Final Fantasy VIII for the first time! It was so fun! Angela took me to this neat little gaming/comic store, and then we wandered back to her place and we played Katamari Damacy, which is the gayest most interesting game I have EVER played. I mean, seriously, there's no fuckin' WAY the King of the Cosmos is A) straight and B) not on drugs. Then I played FF8. It was sparkly awesome. :D


Which also means that I should eat dinner, take my shower and finish packing, cause I have to get up stupidly early.