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/rampant capslock abuse

I'm hungry.

So orientation went well. The first day was a thirteen-hour day in which they carted us all over campus, made cheap passes at my old school (NMSU - cross-school rivalry known as the I-25), fed us bad cafeteria food, and made us listen to five bajillion lectures, though, so when we got back to Gran's I had a minor exhaustion-related meltdown. College is a rather scary business. I'm going to seriously miss all my friends and my parents. Becca's going to be a train-ride away, though, so that'll be nice. Also, both my Grans and one of my Uncles live in Albuquerque too.

Anyway, I got all registered the second day, and I got all the classes I wanted. I'm taking Math 100, which is unfortunately a remedial course. Have I mentioned I'm bad at math? English 102; which is the equivalent of 112 over at NMSU. Also taking Astronomy 101 plus Astronomy Lab. My counselor recommended that I drop it if it's got too much math in. I agreed. Then I'm taking Anthropology 130, which is 'cultures of the world'; and Greek 101. I get to learn Greek. How cool is that? I also have to take a CSS (College Success Seminar) because I'm in a remedial course. All in all I'm taking seventeen credits. I'm seriously hoping I won't die.

Hoping. Very,very hard.

I'm going to also look into the Anime Club, and see if anyone's interested in cosplay. I also want to get a campus job. I'm not trying to kill myself. I just don't really know how much I can handle, it being my first full-time formalized school.

We'll see.

I like cocoa. We ran out of milk yesterday.


...In my tummy. I'm nervous as hell. I didn't get this nervous when I was doing my dual enrollment, but then again, this is so much bigger. I'm pretty much terrified, but so very excited at the same time. It's kinda funny, really. I hate it, but at the same time I'm thrilled.

Talk about mixed feelings. *rolls eyes*

I'm going to student orientation tomorrow, which means we're driving to Albuquerque today. We're staying at Gramma J's. Ma wants us to visit Gramma E and Uncle Bruce while we're up there. I'm not sure we'll have time, but I said we'd try.

Oh, god I'm terrified. Everyone's been saying I'll be just fine, and I'm really, really trying to believe them, but sometimes it stops working. It's not even that I'm going that far away from home, either. I'm going to a city all of three or so hours away. The city both my grammas and one of my uncles live in. There's even a train that will take me straight to Santa Fe, where Becca and her awesome boyfriend are going to be.

Yeah. Corey's a nice guy. If I'm even half as lucky as Becca in finding a boyfriend I think I'll be happy. He's a lot like me and Otonashi, really. Gamer, likes anime, that sort of thing. He's a movie nut, though, which Oto and I resoundingly are not.

I'm goingto miss Oto, too. She's going to Japan for a year, and then she's going to come back and finish her degree at NMSU. It's probably awful to say this, but I'm so happy she's not actually going to Rutger's after all.

And now I'm going to see if reading will take my mind off of the impending drive and calm the flock of butterflies wreaking havoc in my internal organs.

New account

I have a new account for all my fanfiction~ (Excepting fruitparlorcafe, which will stay as-is)

It can be found at ingenious_spark. If you like me for my writing, please continue to follow me there.

If you follow me for my random rambles and bitching about everyday life, you can still find me here. God knows why you read this. I wouldn't.

Much love, Reno.


"Thunder in the other course of heaven..."

I do love Pink Floyd. I'm trying to write Uryū Ishida, though, so I don't think it's really helping. It would probably be all right if I was writing, say, Renji; but Uryū apparently doesn't like it. of course, he's been giving me hell all along, so I guess Pink Floyd is my payback. Or something. Anyway, I think I've finalized the pairings for fruitparlorcafe. Yay for me!~

I went for a rambly walk yesterday. And I actually got to sleep before two last night! I'm trying to get my clock back on track for when school starts back up again. Otonashi's coming back, too. On the 27th, I think. She's going to Otakon. I don't remember if I already said this, but I'm kinda jealous. D< She's cosplaying as somebody I don't know. I think the character's name was Chrome. *blond*

I miss people. Crazy as it sounds I kinda miss school. I always got to see people. I'm still kinda worried about school, though. That's just my nature, though.

Pink Floyd uses kazoos. Make my day, whydon'tcha? xD (also duckies. I like duckies.)

New story


I have a new project up. Now, you're probably thinking I'm crazy, (which would be rather accurate, yo) but I like this one. It's a Bleach AU full of Urahara-brand craziness.


You can pop on over to fruitparlorcafe to read it. <3


In other news, Becca went off to Arkansas to be with her man yesterday. She'll be gone for a month. T.T

Though Otonashi's coming back, she'll be in town on the 26th. She's attending Otakon. (I'm kinda jealous, yo~)

The Fourth was a spectacular success. There were lots and lots of explosives and delightful things like that. We blew up soda cans with bottle rockets again, although it was kinda hit-or-miss this year, cause the rockets are pretty damn old. The grass out by our display-box caught fire a couple times, but we had the hose on standby for just such an event, so it was fine.


Kevin came. I still like him. It's kinda ridiculous. He's in highschool and I'm going to college and we're going to be in different cities so it wouldn't work, but I still want to try, but it's gonna not end up good, and I'm just going in circles at this point...

Why is life this difficult?



I took a nap with my cat, and apparently when the people returned from lunch they thought I was adorable and took a pic of me. Dunno. I haven't seen this pic. D<

But I did get me a nice long nap to make up for going to bed at two and waking up at eight-thirty. Not fun, I really don't recommend it.

I think I wanna write. I don't know if the people want help cleaning for the fourth of July, though. Maybe if I'm lucky they'll forget I exist. Sometimes it works. In other news, my allergies are acting up and Becca had bronchitis and is counting down the days until she flies to Arkansas to see her boyfriend. Wheeeeeee~

I feel vaguely buzzed.

I also feel like I'm going to sneeze. Again.

And now I must get more laundry done so I have clean undies tomorrow. These little things, y'know?

Reno has been being a lazy bitch.

Very very lazy.

I'm on the computer every day, but do I stop to think of my poor languishing journal? No. xD This happened last year too. Summer has been full of gaming and fanfiction. Not much of the fanfiction has been writing, though. ^_^;;;

(plotbunnies are eating me again, in the meantime...)

Plotbunnies are vicious little creatures, kinda like tribbles.

It's hard to get to sleep in the summer. It's too hot, and you lie there in your jammies (aka, old t-shirt and skivvies) and just perennially wish for not-hot-ness. Anyone who lives in a place where it spikes over a hundred for weeks should know what I'm talking about. You get sleepy during the afternoon when the temperature is at its peak, and then at night when it cools off (only about five degrees, unfortunately) you become annoyingly alert.

Or maybe Reno's just contracted insomnia. Iunno.

I'm eighteen now. I meant to post on my birthday, which was back in May, but I never did. Pathologically lazy over here. <3

Anyway, I'm going to go either stare at my ceiling for half and hour until I fall asleep or read, so see you geeks later.

ajsfgl~ x_x


Ah kin sing~

But I am not Southern. I did, however, watch a really funny vid about people cosplaying Katara and Zuko, and both of them had southern accents. It was ridiculously cute. I do not have a Southern accent. I probably have a Southwestern accent, and if anybody says anything about Texas, I will castrate them. Texas does not equal the desert Southwest.

Class let out early again. I'm really hungry and really broke. Starfest consumed all my money with a maniacal grin on its face. At least I don't have an upset stomach from taking pills with nothing other than a glass of milk. Multivitamins are a bitch like that. I also have a test today.

I don't think I've actually ranted about this here. Must remedy. Okay, so here's the story. I'm trying to get into UNM, right? I'm an A/B student, I got a 24 on my ACT, and I am dually enrolled in NMSU taking Japanese and English. The catch? I'm homeschooled. Therefore I cannot get into UNM without getting my GED. IT'S A BITCH. The tests aren't that bad, it's more the indignity of having all these qualifications and still not being able to get in. So, I've been taking the GED. Another thing that's miffing me - the GED isn't taken all in one day, like the ACT. You have to sign up and pay for each test individually. It effin' sucks.

At least the tests are easy, right?

Anyway, sorry about bitching.

Con Report: Denver Starfest 2009

So, I'm finally getting off my ass and doing a con report. (Aren't you proud~?) I attended the Denver Starfest! It was bitchin'ly awesome~!

Okay. We got to the hotel about, I'unno, six or summat. Then we went down, stood in line, exchanged our tickets and got our wristbands. That was kinda disappointing. I wanted a badge, dammit. D: Oh well. So, Hitsuji and I wandered around and took the first batch of pictures. I found a lady who had dressed up as a rat-creature from Bone. And here I thought I was the only one who had read it. Eh, whatever. Anyway, Hitsuji and I then got our picture taken inside the Tardis. (Someone left it unlocked! Sacrilege.) Not much else to say about Friday.

So, on to Saturday and Sunday! Saturday was awesome~ I cosplayed Axel (of KHII) both days, and barely anyone recognized me. That was okay, because I got to wear my bitchin' coat. Yes, I finally finished it~ Now I just need to figure out how to make the props... and I also need one of those styrofoam heads to put my wig on. Anyway, it was awesome, and we went to several events. One of which was a Ninjas vs. Pirates panel. I was a ninja, as was Hitsuji. We won, and it was bitchin'. >D

I got loot~ =3= I came back with absolutely no money, but with a Vietnamese dress, an awesome baton-sword-dagger-thingamajigger, some chocolate made with honey (delicioooooooooooous~) and a spoon. There was probably other stuff, but I'm blonde. xD

(The excuse for everything!)

Anyway, it was awesome, mai peoples! Next time I will drag people along!