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Hullo. I haven't written in quite a while, have I? There's a good reason, I'm sure~

It has to do with adjusting to college. It's very different than even my senior year, when I was doing dual enrollment. Meh... it's good. I have an exam in Astronomy today. I studied last night, so I should do fine. Then I have to go print out a couple articles for my bullshit class.

I have to go do dishes, be right back...

Em has inflatable sponges. They're weird. It's very cold out, has been all week. You know you're devoted when you will go out in the rain to play hackeysack. Which is immensely fun, by the way. I'm still learning, but I am getting better. I'll probably have to finish this later, as I need to get ready for class. It starts at eleven, see...

I got up this morning with Roxas-hair. I took a picture and everything. It's pretty crazy. I didn't think a person could actually do that with their hair without severe amounts of styling product.


So, I think the test went well. I'm waiting for my next class to start, which it should any minute. I hate this class. I think I've already ranted about it, though, so I shall spare you, my precious victims readers. I really just want to blog through the entire class, but I think I have to pay attention now.

I have plotbunnies. Torchwood and Gundam Wing plotbunnies that are being rather merciless. I've started the braimstorming process for a couple of them. (The plotbunnies are winning! Oh noez!)

I also rediscovered what I really loved about GaiaOnline, and ended my nearly year-long hiatus.


So, SabotenCon~ It was amazing! I dressed as Axel for Friday and Saturday - didn't dress up Sunday because I had to drive back.

We arrived really late on Thursday night, but that was okay, because I wasn't driving. We got lost in Phoenix, which was frustrating. We had jetlag, which was also annoying. I met all my awesome friends, made a couple new ones, had a mini-photoshoot for both of them, and it was just generally lots of fun. I have lots more buttons, which I may photograph if asked, and also lots more photos, all of which you can see > fuzenkomadori.deviantart.com/gallery/#Saboten-Con-2009 <here.

I also have pocky. YAY!~

But I have absolutely no money. As per usual. xD This always happens to me at cons. I think it generally happens to everyone at cons.