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So I was PMSing through my entire first week of college. Pretty damn nasty, in my opinion. So now I'm on my period, and the weird thing is, me and Em are already synchronized.

I'm feeling depressed again. I wish I wasn't so bad at this whole moving-out thing. ): I also wish I could have just stayed in Cruces. But I'm bitching again. Mom is going to be up for Labor Day, and Em will be taking me to a barbecue at her place. I'm so glad I got put in with Em. I could have gotten stuck with somebody so much worse. She's really good at cheering me up, and she's not adverse to giving hugs.

I have class in an hour, which means I should leave at about eleven-thirty-five. It's at the other end of campus, which kinda sucks. In a giant lecture hall, which also kinda sucks. But whatever, I will survive, and I will be victorious. Yes.

I hope.


Anyway, Em, her friend Victoria and I are going to go see Star Trek tonight. That should be fun.