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So today I dyed my hair with a chemical dye for the first time. Everything went really well until I went to go wash it out. Apparently the method I use to wash out my henna (which is all-natural dye, thanks) DOES NOT WORK WITH CHEMICAL DYES.

Everything - I mean EVERYTHING - turned LURIDLY PINK. I managed to scrub the worst of it off my skin, and I tried to clean up the shower a little bit, but we still had to take alcohol face wipes to my face and the back of my neck. As it is, I'll be wearing long sleeves and pants for a while. And it kinda looks like I got a light sunburn. FML. A little bit.


Upside, the dye job looks really nice! It's a lovely pinky plum color - looks absolutely lovely. (Conversely also looks like beets. Whatever.) It should fade out nicely, and go very well with my Mad Hatter cosplay.

BTW, my newest cosplay is indeed the Mad Hatter, with influences from the book, the movie and my own demented imagination. 'Tis awesome. This is only version 1.0 though, so it won't look as well as it will when I'm not rushed for time/have a sewing machine. version 2.0 will be fabulous and have an actual tailcoat. WIN.

Girly shit I missed out on.

There was apparently a lot of random girly shit that I missed out on, having A) been homeschooled and B) had rather unique friends. One of them is apparently communal underwear shopping. I mean going as a group, not getting panties everyone wears... or something. Hopefully you get my meaning. If not, tough luck.

Back on track. Dani (my next-door neighbor) teamed up with Emily (my roommate) and they tag-teamed me, and took me to Victoria's Secret yesterday. I told them that I was flat broke and it still didn't deter them. They simply spent their money instead of mine. Yay? I dunno. Anyway.

I now own two thongs. They are surprisingly comfy.




Anyway, today I got to play Final Fantasy VIII for the first time! It was so fun! Angela took me to this neat little gaming/comic store, and then we wandered back to her place and we played Katamari Damacy, which is the gayest most interesting game I have EVER played. I mean, seriously, there's no fuckin' WAY the King of the Cosmos is A) straight and B) not on drugs. Then I played FF8. It was sparkly awesome. :D


Which also means that I should eat dinner, take my shower and finish packing, cause I have to get up stupidly early.

I come...

...From a place where a hug is a common greeting, like saying hello. Or like in Europe, when people do that whole confusing thing where they pretend to/actually do kiss both of a person's cheeks in greeting. I dunno. However, I also know a lot of people (the people on my campus who are from different places) For whom this is a very foreign, unwanted gesture. Myself, I could not live without touch, it's one of my most important senses. I was just wondering how you lot all greet each other. I dunno. I probably won't get any replies anyway, but I thought I'd put it out there.

In other news, I really like thirties murder mysteries.
Hullo. I haven't written in quite a while, have I? There's a good reason, I'm sure~

It has to do with adjusting to college. It's very different than even my senior year, when I was doing dual enrollment. Meh... it's good. I have an exam in Astronomy today. I studied last night, so I should do fine. Then I have to go print out a couple articles for my bullshit class.

I have to go do dishes, be right back...

Em has inflatable sponges. They're weird. It's very cold out, has been all week. You know you're devoted when you will go out in the rain to play hackeysack. Which is immensely fun, by the way. I'm still learning, but I am getting better. I'll probably have to finish this later, as I need to get ready for class. It starts at eleven, see...

I got up this morning with Roxas-hair. I took a picture and everything. It's pretty crazy. I didn't think a person could actually do that with their hair without severe amounts of styling product.


So, I think the test went well. I'm waiting for my next class to start, which it should any minute. I hate this class. I think I've already ranted about it, though, so I shall spare you, my precious victims readers. I really just want to blog through the entire class, but I think I have to pay attention now.

I have plotbunnies. Torchwood and Gundam Wing plotbunnies that are being rather merciless. I've started the braimstorming process for a couple of them. (The plotbunnies are winning! Oh noez!)

I also rediscovered what I really loved about GaiaOnline, and ended my nearly year-long hiatus.


So, SabotenCon~ It was amazing! I dressed as Axel for Friday and Saturday - didn't dress up Sunday because I had to drive back.

We arrived really late on Thursday night, but that was okay, because I wasn't driving. We got lost in Phoenix, which was frustrating. We had jetlag, which was also annoying. I met all my awesome friends, made a couple new ones, had a mini-photoshoot for both of them, and it was just generally lots of fun. I have lots more buttons, which I may photograph if asked, and also lots more photos, all of which you can see > fuzenkomadori.deviantart.com/gallery/#Saboten-Con-2009 <here.

I also have pocky. YAY!~

But I have absolutely no money. As per usual. xD This always happens to me at cons. I think it generally happens to everyone at cons.

And now my brain goes boom

There has been entirely too much about witch trials this morning. It's what my Anthropology class is covering right now. Thankfully, that was the last day before the exam. The exam is take-home, so I'm not terribly worried about it yet.

However yesterday I had the most stupid redundant INANE class ever. It's that stupid college success seminar thing, and now I wish I really had dropped it. But no, I wanted to keep more above minimum than I would have been if I dropped it. Whatever. We spent an entire fifty minutes covering note taking. NOTE TAKING. GRAH.




/rant of capslock abuse

Sorry. It feels good to get that out of my system. Phoo.

I'm going to try to go to lunch with Phil today. He's a nice guy, about mid-twenties who's in my Greek class.

I got to go to a barbecue Saturday with Emily's family at her Gramma's house. Also, Mamma came up on Friday night and stayed for most of Saturday (she left before the bbq) so I got to spend lots of time with her. Also got to eat food that didn't come from the hellhouse cafeteria. Sunday I did lots of homework, then got to go to Emily's house for dinner. We had French country food, and it was very good. Monday I did more homework and we went to Ta Lin's, this really amazing multi-cultural grocer's. I now own a wok. I also promised to make Emily some miso soup.

I also haven't called my family for silly homesickness since Sunday! I'm getting better! I'll probably call tonight. :D

Talk to you lot later!



So I was PMSing through my entire first week of college. Pretty damn nasty, in my opinion. So now I'm on my period, and the weird thing is, me and Em are already synchronized.

I'm feeling depressed again. I wish I wasn't so bad at this whole moving-out thing. ): I also wish I could have just stayed in Cruces. But I'm bitching again. Mom is going to be up for Labor Day, and Em will be taking me to a barbecue at her place. I'm so glad I got put in with Em. I could have gotten stuck with somebody so much worse. She's really good at cheering me up, and she's not adverse to giving hugs.

I have class in an hour, which means I should leave at about eleven-thirty-five. It's at the other end of campus, which kinda sucks. In a giant lecture hall, which also kinda sucks. But whatever, I will survive, and I will be victorious. Yes.

I hope.


Anyway, Em, her friend Victoria and I are going to go see Star Trek tonight. That should be fun.


College is crazy. xD I'm really getting into it, and I have a lot of support from my family, which is always good.  I'm really fighting off the homesickness, though. It's liek whoa...

Yeah, but it's really only in the evenings. My life is all busy-like in the mornings and afternoons, and then when I'm out of class and settling in for the night I'm like oh crap. I've been crying a lot. My roommate has been awesome about it, though, so it's not all bad. She's really funny, and a good conversationalist.

I live on the third floor in the building with no elevators, so I've been getting lots of exercise. It's been ridiculously cold in my room.

I also need to go eat breakfast and run away to Anthropology class. I'm hungry.

Still scared out of my skull.


I moved in today. I'm in college now, and it's really sinking in. I'm still scared out of my wits. Oh well. I will get over it, eventually. I got inundated with keys today. I need a key for my mailbox, a key to get into my building, a key to get into the third floor girl's bathroom, and a key to get into my room. Lots o' keys. I'm on the third floor, which would be awesome, if not for the conspicuous absence of elevators. I've got a built-in exercise program. Especially since I'm walking to all my classes. I have a roommate named Emily, but she hasn't shown yet. Excitement.

Feeling kinda moody, melancholy - homesick, really, and it hasn't even been a day. I've also had a headache on-again off-again all day. Part of that may be dehydration. I don't know.

Mama and Becca are taking me out to breakfast tomorrow morning, then leaving. I'm terrified, to be honest. I'm tempted to just lock myself in my room and only come out for classes. But that's not gonna get me anywhere, so I won't.

I also miss Otonashi liek whoa. She's my best friend, and I miss her. She's going to Japan for a year. Then she's going back to NMSU.

I'm going to go read comfort-fiction now. Get my mind off being silly.

God, I miss my cats, too.

"Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo fishie in the sea~"





It was a really cute movie. Beautiful visually, as are all Studio Ghibli films, but kinda plotless.

Like my sister said, "That was the cutest acid trip EVER."

Cue some incoherent squealing.